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Innovation, a core TRIUMPH value, drives our ability to solve our customers’ hardest problems. Developing intellectual property helps us support our customers’ missions while extending our sole-source positions, pricing, and margins.

Profitable Ownership – Our engineers are continually creating intellectual property through design, development, production, and support of new products and components. We hold numerous patents for landing gear actuation, hydraulic power generation, helicopter and fighter fuel pumps, fuel metering systems, thermal solutions, and complex gear systems.

Advanced Solutions – At our Systems, Electronics and Controls (SEC) business in West Hartford, CT, we create advanced solutions in electric engine fuel controls (FADEC), high-performance fuel pumps, and active vapor-cycle cooling systems. More than 30% of revenues are from spares and repairs. Next-generation technologies are in development, including fighter fuel pumps, larger vapor cycle cooling systems, and electronic engine controls.

New Markets – SEC engineers are working with the US Air Force to jointly develop processes using additive manufacturing (AM) to replace traditional heat exchanger manifold castings with additively manufactured parts. The goal is to decrease production lead times and reduce weight. Entire fleets will be affected. TRIUMPH’s first ADM heat exchangers will fly in FY2023, establishing TRIUMPH as a pioneer provider in an important new development category.

Future Revenues – To meet demand, we’ve upgraded engineering capabilities, engineering tools, and laboratory benchtest facilities. Five new military gearboxes are in development for various platforms, more than at any other time in our history. Each of these gearboxes – including the airframe mounted accessory gearbox (AMAD) for Boeing’s new next generation T-7A trainer – will generate repair opportunities far into the future.

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