TAS Red Oak Team Loads First T-7A Part to Assembly Jig

On Oct. 12, Triumph Aerospace Structures Red Oak celebrated a significant T-7A Program milestone – the first part was loaded in an assembly jig. Solid end-to-end collaboration with our customer, Boeing Defense, Space & Security and global supply chain partners was instrumental to achieve this milestone on time with the Integrated Master Schedule. Looking ahead, we’re laser focused on delivering the first unit in early 2021. This sets the stage for a strong multidecade program that is expected to mature into a dominant anchor program for Red Oak that could produce in excess of 2,000 ship sets of wings and empennage for the T-7A aircraft.

“Startup programs are always challenging; however, when a program launch is influenced by a global pandemic, it’s a clear reflection of our team’s determination and dedication to work with our stakeholders and achieve this milestone. Overseeing this first part load gives me a great sense of pride and appreciation of the efforts of the entire T-7A team.” Lee Anderson, T-7A Value Stream manager

“It was exciting to share in this event with the T-7A team and witness their enthusiasm in seeing parts load into the jig. This is a unique milestone that many employees have worked tirelessly around the clock to achieve and now it becomes tangible as the shop springs to life.” Dale Cooper, general manager