Hold Open Rods (H-Rods)
Business Unit
Integrated Systems
Core Capabilities
Hold Open Rods & Strut Assemblies
Key Features
No unlock under load
Pull release
Trigger lock
Turn & pull release
Hold Open Rods (H-Rods)

Triumph Integrated Systems is a recognized provider of telescoping hold open rods as well as fixed length struts. These products range from simple rods to complex assemblies with single- or dual-action release collars, hydraulic damping in one or both directions, and fixed, mono balls, or universal joint fittings. These products are mainly used to keep fan cowls, radomes, doors, thrust reversers, and maintenance panels in open position. Some of our products are also used in other applications to transmit forces. Our hold open rods are flying on a number of commercial aircraft, regional and business jets, and military helicopters. We ship thousands of rods and struts each year. H-Rods product features include: folding, no unlock under load, pull release, trigger lock and turn & pull release.