Daniel J. Crowley

President & CEO

To Triumph Group Team Members:

The death of George Floyd last Monday has rightfully triggered a national outcry against injustice not only to “Floyd” as he was known, but to all people whose basic rights are so terribly violated. I was sickened to see the videos of Floyd struggle in police custody to stay alive and very saddened to hear he passed away soon afterward. The protests have spread across the U.S. as signals that we as a nation can no longer tolerate or be indifferent to such senseless tragedies, often at the expense of people of color.

At Triumph, our first Value is Integrity for a reason. It first states that we must “Do the Right Thing for our Stakeholders” which includes our fellow team members, customers, and visitors. The second component “We Value Safety, Diversity and Respect” aligns directly with the current tragedies. By applying our values in our workplace and while away from work – by honoring the dignity of life, and by respecting others, regardless of our differences – we can be a positive force for change at our sites and in our communities. If everyone in our society were to do this, we will turn the tide against brutality, violence, and racism one person and interaction at a time.

Some of you may have seen the photo from Louisville, Kentucky of the men of different colors who locked arms to encircle and protect a police officer who was separated from his fellow officers and at personal risk. This photo captures the greatness in our society and what people are capable of under times of great stress. The men who acted to ensure the safety of this officer did more to honor Floyd’s memory than any words ever could and inspire the rest of us to do the right thing, at all times, even when it is not easy.

Please keep the family of George Floyd including his two daughters and the other victims of violence and inequality in your prayers while we all strive to live our values to the fullest so that in our own way, we can be part of the healing of our nation.

Thank you,

Dan C.