Board of Directors
Joseph M. Silvestri
Managing Partner, Court Square Capital

Joseph M. Silvestri has been a Director of Triumph since October 2008 and previously served as a Director of Triumph from 1995 to 2005. Mr. Silvestri is currently a Managing Partner of Court Square Capital Partners, an independent private equity firm, and has been employed by Court Square Capital Partners and its predecessors since 1990. Mr. Silvestri also serves on the board of directors of numerous private companies. Through his two periods of service on the Board, Mr. Silvestri has acquired a deep understanding of Triumph’s background and development. He also lends to the Board’s deliberations the benefit of his own knowledge and understanding of the operation of the capital markets, financial matters and mergers and acquisitions generally gained through his years of participation in private equity investments. In addition, as an experienced private equity investor, he is able to share with the Board insights on corporate management and best practices derived from his experience with the many portfolio companies with which he has been associated.