Triumph Processing - Embee Division

Anodize / Hard Anodize : Triumph Processing - Embee Division

Triumph Processing – Embee Division has a dedicated 5,000 square foot Anodize production area with supporting rack and run system, specialized masking and custom tooling designed onsite. Our anodic coating provides excellent corrosion protection offering up to seven colorfast, color options. We perform the following Anodize processes:

  • Chromic Anodize (Type 1) Dyed
  • BAC 5019
  • Sulfuric Anodize (Type II)
  • Sulfuric Anodize (Type II) Dyed
  • Hard Anodize
  • Hard Anodize with Teflon Seal
  • Alodine (Chem Film)
  • Alodine Chem Film (Non-Chromated)

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