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Triumph Interiors is the industry leader in refurbishing and repairing aircraft interiors and manufactures a full line of PMA interior parts. We employ experienced staff, including DER and DMIR personnel. 

Triumph Interiors believes in the value of long-term, committed relationships with customers, with vendors, and with our employees. These relationships drive everything we do and how we do it. We're proud of our superior service, innovative problem-solving, and "floor-to-floor" refurbishing, repairing and manufacturing capabilities when it comes to aircraft interiors, but all of it starts with a more fundamental goal: Making partners for life.

We also believe that certain values are crucial for building and maintaining strong partnerships. So, in every relationship, at every location, all Triumph Interiors staff strive to uphold our core values and goals.

The company is headquartered in Oakdale, PA, and operates a second facility in Grand Prairie, TX. Known for highly responsive customer service and fast turn-times, Triumph Interiors has worked with many of the leading airlines and MRO’s.

For almost two decades, Triumph Interiors has focused on one purpose: refurbishing and repairing aircraft interiors and manufacturing related PMA parts. We’ve consistently satisfied and exceeded the expectations of top airlines and MROs.  We were the first company to focus solely on aircraft refurbishing and we will always strive to be the best. Our “floor-to-floor” service now includes refurbishing, repairing and even manufacturing all parts of an aircraft’s interior except the seats. Triumph Interiors has now refurbished thousands of aircraft interiors, from full fleets for major airlines to single specialty projects. 

We treat our customers as partners in every sense, and are proud to count among them: US Airways, Delta, Northwest, Southwest, American Airlines, Comair, Lufthansa, British Airways, and many other airlines, as well as MRO’s like: Timco, AAR, Goodrich, Gamco, Air Atlanta, Air Canada, Shannon Aerospace and Jet Aviation.

Triumph Interiors is focused on the repair and refurbishment of aircraft interiors and the manufacture of related parts.  From sidewalls to windows to overhead bins – floor to floor – laminating, painting, repairs – we do it all, we do it fast and we do it well. 

We start each project by inspecting every part and alerting you to needed repairs or replacements. We have the experience to know when a part can be fixed — and the expertise and resources to fix it outside the OEM box. We're an FAA-approved repair station, and our staff regularly reviews compliance information and OEM continuous airworthiness and maintenance requirements.

Triumph Interiors is one of the only facilities in the industry with an approved plastic welding process to repair window frames, and we have the tooling, machinery and metal shops to fix or replace shades, brackets, bin doors and more. Having these capabilities under one roof gives you the convenience of dealing with one trusted partner. It also helps us deliver the fastest turn-times in the industry with the lowest overall cost.  In addition to our repair services, we have the capabilities to manufacture FAA-approved interior cabin components including dust covers, shades light lenses, handles, cups and much more. We have the capabilities and experience to work on any type of commercial, private or specialty aircraft interior, including the fleets of Airbus, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and regional aircraft.

With on-staff DER and DMIR, we are always glad to partner with clients to develop needed interior PMA components

  • AS9100, EASA
  • Quality System approved by all our customers including Spirit Aerosystems, US Airways, Delta Airlines and The Boeing Company.
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