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Capabilities : Triumph Insulation Systems

Thermal-Acoustic Insulation 

Triumph Insulation Systems has over a quarter century of airframe insulation system design and manufacturing experience, receiving quality approvals from Airbus and Boeing.

Supplying over a million insulation blankets a year to airframe manufacturers, aircraft operators, and MROs; our collaborative approach has led to innovations that benefit the industry on a day to day basis.

To support the maintenance needs of the operator community, Triumph Insulation Systems offers a complete array of products to support commercial, regional and military aircraft.  Unique licensing agreements with both Airbus and Boeing allow us to provide PMA on over 60,000 insulation blankets certified to the FAR 25.856(a). 

Aircraft Interior Component Support Solutions 

Leveraging our flexibility, innovation and commitment to quality into a strategic vision for expansion into aircraft interior support, Triumph Insulation Systems investing millions of dollars in acquiring the assets necessary to become a world leader in aircraft interiors support of cockpit, crew and passenger seating by specializing in thermoformed plastic components and dress covers. 

Triumph Insulation Systems can reliably meet the requirements of seat OEMs and aircraft operators globally with a level of quality and value that has earned the confidence of multiple “Dock-to-stock” and JIT programs.
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