Triumph Insulation Systems

History : Triumph Insulation Systems

Originally founded as, “The Mexmil Company” in 1978, Triumph Insulation Systems’ foundation stems from a history of recognized aviation leaders in thermo-acoustic insulation system design and manufacture. 

With manufacturing firmly established in our facility in Mexicali, Mexico during the initial years, expansion of our customer base and diversification were the key drivers to building our current facility in 1998.  By 2000, based on our performance, we became the sole-source provider of insulation blankets for all Boeing’s in production aircraft. In 2005 we were awarded the first of its kind contract from Airbus to be the exclusive producer and supply chain manager for all aftermarket insulation blankets.  

In 2006 expansion continued with the formation of KaMex, a joint venture with Chinese Aviation Supply Corporation (CASC, formerly known as CASGC). In 2006 we were awarded Design and Build contracts for insulation on B787 for 5 of 6 Tier 1 suppliers and shortly after in 2009 were awarded Airbus Design and Build A350 contracts. 
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