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About Us : Triumph Insulation Systems

Triumph Insulation Systems is the leading supplier of aerospace insulation in the world and a premier provider of a broad spectrum of other components for aircraft interiors including seats, galleys, lavatories and carpets. We continually strive to be the industry leader in providing superior value through quality and total cost of ownership of the thermal-acoustic insulation and aircraft interior components, products and services we provide.

Triumph Insulation Systems adheres to the philosophy of LEAN Manufacturing. We continually optimize our production practices to achieve maximum value for our customers.  For more than a quarter of a century, in our dealings with our customers, our suppliers and the marketplace in general, we have held to one basic precept: RESPECT must be earned.  

Toward this end, we have developed a proven formula for achieving this. The qualities we emphasize in all facets of our work are: 

  • Reliability – customers must be able to trust in your solutions and products. 
  • Evolving – a company must evolve to provide superior value to its customers. 
  • Solutions – value is added by providing solutions to customer, regulatory or 
  • marketplace needs. 
  • Proactive – proactively search to find needs that will require solutions. 
  • Excellence – dedication throughout the organization, in every endeavor, to excellence. 
  • Customer Satisfaction – this is the goal of every solution we offer and every facet of our service. 
  • Team – more can be achieved in a collaboration of team (including customers and suppliers) than by the individual.

  • AS9100 (Triumph Insulation Systems, and KaMex)
  • Qualified by Boeing and Airbus for design, distribution and manufacturing
  • FAA, Boeing and Airbus (pending) certified in-house test laboratory 
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