Triumph Fabrications - Hot Springs

Overview : Triumph Fabrications - Hot Springs

Triumph Fabrications - Hot Springs is a leading manufacturer of sheet metal parts and assemblies used in the aviation industry. We utilize a wide range of metal forming techniques and special manufacturing processes, servicing the commercial, military, regional jet, business jet, helicopter and general aviation markets. 

Triumph Fabrications - Hot Springs’s product line includes a wide variety of sheet metal parts including skins, leading edges, crown frames, longerons, webs, formers, covers, and ribs. We specialize in parts that require a combination of forming and chemical milling. Sub-assembly items include; skid tubes, cross tubes, doors, fairings, firewalls, panel assemblies, tail boom, rudders, elevators, and metal bonded panels.

Our Capabilities:

  • Assembly Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Metal forming
  • Metal Processing
  • Tooling Fabrication

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