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Triumph Controls - USA is an international leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical and electro-mechanical control systems for fixed wing and rotary commercial and military aircraft, naval vessels, military vehicles, nuclear power stations and industrial plants. 

Founded in 1943 - Originally Teleflex Aerospace / Defense / Naval Technologies / Power Systems

Using superior design, engineering and manufacturing capability, Triumph Controls - USA is able to produce an extensive variety of control solutions for its customers whether it is individual components or a complete system.

The product portfolio for Triumph Controls - USA includes: throttle quadrants, helicopter collectives, landing gear, flap and spoiler cockpit lever controls, nose wheel steering modules, actuation devices, complex mechanisms, push/pull controls (both sliding cable and ball bearing), remote mechanical valve actuators and detector drive systems. 

Triumph Controls - USA is known worldwide as the premier manufacturer of push/pull cable control systems for the aerospace industry. Products in this group include ball bearing controls, helix cable controls and associated gearboxes for a wide range of applications requiring the transfer of linear and/or rotary motion on the aircraft. Applications include: vent actuation, engine control, thrust reverser and potable/waste water system controls. 

Triumph Controls - USA also provides a wide range of applications for cockpit controls. Products in this group include: flap, spoiler, landing gear and nose wheel steering control modules, throttle quadrants and collective systems. 

In addition to the aerospace products, Triumph Controls - USA provides remote mechanical valve actuators to the shipbuilding and industrial markets.  Within the civil nuclear power industry, Triumph Controls- USA manufactures the detector drive system element of the flux mapping system for both PWR and BWR plants.  

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