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Triumph Composite Systems (TCS) is an aerospace industry leader in the manufacturing of high-quality composite interior components. 

Our products range from commercial and cargo floor panels, to environmental control system (ECS) ducting. Viewed as a leader in Lean Manufacturing principles, Triumph Composite Systems is highly skilled with the production of aerospace composite assemblies including; glareshields, dripshields, side-wall risers, aisle stands, and mix bay manifolds.

Triumph Composite Systems supplies approximately sixty-five percent of The Boeing Company’s composite ducting and we are currently the OEM manufacturer for all Boeing commercial aircraft floor panels. We currently have a library of over 20,000 part numbers with FAA-PMA approval. Triumph Composite Systems, Inc. is located in Spokane, Washington. 

Our aggressive approach to implement lean manufacturing techniques allowed us to add new composite products to our list of capabilities. Now added into our facility are rotational molding, Ultem post-forming, and Reinforced Thermoplastic Laminate (RTL) pressing. Over the years, our facility, located on a fifty-one acre site, had expanded to its current almost 400,000 square feet. 

By the late 1990’s, Boeing Spokane was able to competitively enter the world of aerospace aftermarket sales. Companies like Delta, Alaska, United and Southwest Air Lines have been added to our list of customers receiving high quality, ready to drop-in, replacement floor panels.

Using the latest in electronic digital data and 3-Axis machining, Triumph Composite Systems specializes in the manufacturing of complete, ready to drop-in floor panels.

Additionally, Triumph Composite Systems uses the latest in composite materials to create a variety of hand-lay up, thermoplastic rotational molded, pressed, or formed environmental control system ducts and flight deck components as seen on the maiden voyage of the Boeing 787 Dreamlinner. 

AS/EN/JISQ9100 - Revision B and ISO 9001:2000 certified.  Boeing / FAA-PMA approval on over 20,000 part numbers.

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