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Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Aircraft Division is an experienced producer of large, complex nacelles and nacelle components for military and commercial aircraft. We employ the latest technologies in the production of these structures, including the use of automated machines, acoustics, composites and high-temperature materials.

The company produces complete nacelles systems and components for a variety of aircraft, including the Gulfstream G450 and G350 business jets and Boeing 747, 767 and 777 airplanes. This work includes fan cowl assemblies, composite thrust reverser and inlet panels and other composite components.

We also supplied nacelles for the Boeing C-17 transport. Each C-17 nacelle is 8 feet, 9 inches in diameter and 22 feet long. The nacelles consisted of aluminum, titanium, high-strength steel and epoxy and polyimide composites and contained more than 2,000 parts.

In addition, Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Aircraft Division designs and fabricates the transcowls for the CF6-80C2 and CF6-80E1 engines. CF6-80C2 translating cowls are key components in the thrust reversers of the CF6, which are used on a number of wide-body aircraft.

Since the introduction of the Garrett TFE731 turbofan engine in 1972, the company has had successful, long-term subcontracts with a variety of users of the engine in commercial business jets. Current users include Raytheon Corporate Hawker 800 and the Dassault Falcon 50 Jet. As a subcontractor, the company has responsibility for designing and building the fan cowl doors for the CFM56 engines used on the Airbus A340.

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