Triumph Aerostructures – Vought Aircraft Division

Military Programs : Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Aircraft Division

Triumph Aerostructures – Vought Aircraft Division designs and builds tail sections, wings, fuselages and other structural components for a number of military aircraft. A full range of engineering, manufacturing and support is provided, making us a leading global supplier of major aircraft


Current programs include:

    • Cabin structures
  • C-5 Galaxy
    • Flight control surfaces and other structural components
    • CF6 engine transcowls
  • C-17 Globemaster III
    • Tail section
    • Nacelles
    • Universal aerial refueling receptacle slipway installation (UARRSI)
    • Ailerons, rudders, elevators, horizontal spars and engine cowl doors
  • C-130J Super Hercules
    • Tail section
  • Global Hawk
    • Wings
  • V-22 Osprey
    • Empennage
    • Ramp and ramp door
    • Side panels, sponsons and landing gear doors
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