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History : Triumph Actuation Systems - Yakima

The history of Triumph Actuation Systems – Yakima goes back to 1921, when three brothers, Roy, Henry and Ray Decoto, started Decoto Brothers - a business that manufactured irrigation equipment for the growing agricultural industry in the Yakima Valley. Our first experience with aerospace came at the onset of World War II, when Seattle-based Boeing ramped up B-17 production and added Decoto Brothers as a new supplier. Successful performance with those first orders led to more work from Boeing, and our relationship grew.  Soon the aerospace work was sufficient to divide the business in two: Decoto Irrigation and Decoto Aircraft. By 1953, Decoto Aircraft was relocated to its current location adjacent to the Yakima airport.

TASY-ABOUT-history-PROPERTY TIMELINEThrough the next few decades, the aerospace industry grew rapidly. Decoto Aircraft wisely developed its own engineering capabilities and established a foothold in the industry for design and manufacturing of hydraulic components. In 1969, our first locking actuator was certified for use on the Cessna Citation. In 1972, our first holdback bar was qualified for F-14 Tomcat carrier launches. In 1987, our first hydraulic fuse was qualified for the 747. These ‘firsts’ helped Yakima earn its reputation for innovation.  These initial designs forged the technology that we continue to evolve and apply to present-day applications.

The success and growth of the business has long attracted attention within the aerospace industry. As such, our business has been acquired and sold a number of times during its history: Dowty Group (1979), TI Group (1992), Smiths Aerospace (2000), GE Aviation (2007), and most recently, Triumph Group (2014).  Each acquisition is a treasured part of our legacy, and each has enabled the business to grow.

The most important part of our history are the many employees that have come before us, whose contributions helped to make this business what it is today. We are grateful for their years of dedicated service.

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