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About Us : Triumph Actuation & Motion Control Systems - UK

Triumph Actuation & Motion Control Systems - UK has built an enviable reputation for innovation and performance in all-electric actuation systems, and motor control design for primary and secondary systems. 

Our extensive experience extends across civil aerospace and defense markets, including UAVs, and we continue to offer bespoke and customized solutions on some of the most prestigious programmes in Europe today. Design, development, manufacturing and support services provide our customers with a single source for bespoke or customized designs from our range of electronic and electro-mechanical products.

In a market where quality and system understanding is paramount we provide all-electric solutions, fully integrated electro-mechanical systems, multi-channel electronic controllers, motor / gearbox combinations, and a range of sensors.

All products are qualified and certified to meet specified requirements in a wide range of environments, from -60 to +150 degrees C, and to comply with the most exacting of standards, including DO178B, DO254, ABD100 and other defense standards.

Triumph offers fully integrated actuation system solutions to both the defense and aerospace markets. 

Founded originally as Saygrove, Ltd. - Triumph Actuation & Motion Control Systems - UK is located in Buckley, near Chester, in the United Kingdom.

Triumph Actuation & Motion Control Systems - UK offers a range of products and technologies for the defense and aerospace markets, supported by comprehensive system design and modeling, electronic manufacturing, and testing capabilities, operated in accordance with our ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification.

We design to DO178B and DO254 standards for software and complex hardware, manufacture in accordance with IPC610 Class 3 and J-STD 001 quality standards, with product release to AS9102 and other customer-specific qualifications, and conduct product and environmental testing in accordance with DO160E, Mil-Std 810, Mil-Std 461, and ABD100.

Programme Involvement

Triumph Actuation & Motion Control Systems - UK has extensive experience across a range of civil and defense platforms from a wide range of leading global aerospace suppliers, with participation in programmes which include: A330, A340-200/300 , A340-500/600, and Global Express in the civil arena, and the HERTI and Taranis UAVs, RB199 Tornado, A330MRTT, AV8B Harrier, and Nimrod within defense. 

Actuation Products

Triumph Actuation & Motion Control Systems - UK offers a range of low-to-medium power all-electric actuators, with both rotary and linear outputs, complete with embedded position sensors and associated electronics. The actuators are complemented by a range of multi-channel electronic actuation controllers, which, with the support of full system modeling capabilities, allow us to offer fully-integrated and qualified electric actuation system solutions.

Product development evolves under control of a clear technology roadmap with the aim of being able to offer improved products and systems to our customers as soon as they require them for the next generation of platforms.
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