Triumph Accessory Services - Grand Prairie

History : Triumph Accessory Services - Grand Prairie

Triumph Accessory Services - Grand Prairie has been in continuous operation since the early 1980’s.  Initially it was two independent companies, Texas Avmar and Texas Camco.  One was predominantly a hydraulics shop, the other a pneumatics shop.  

UNC brought environmental systems and electrical components in the early 1990’s. GE acquired the facility in 1997 and introduced Mechanical Drive Systems, making Grand Prairie its center of excellence for Gearboxes and Bearing Inspection.  When GE elected to close its Miami and Dallas Love Field Accessory operations, all the equipment and resources were relocated to Grand Prairie, resulting in the addition of Fuel and Lubrication and Engine Monitoring Systems.

GE sold the company in 2002. The shop became known as; Grand Prairie Accessory Services. New ownership added to the base to dress out the portfolio by bringing online Heat Exchangers, Engine Mounts, MEC’s and Vibration Sensors

Triumph Group purchased the GPAS in January 2007, renaming it; Triumph Accessory Services - Grand Prairie.
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